Purple, Blackberry Blueberry Smoothie

A deep purple smoothie with antioxidant-rich blueberries and blackberries. Bananas give it extra sweetness as well as a healthy dose of potassium. This is a great healthy smoothie that’s also … Read More

Blue Spirulina Smoothie

This blue smoothie is like a tropical vacation for your mouth – with banana, pineapple, and coconut flavors, and a bright blue color from blue spirulina. So what is blue … Read More

Invigorating Orange Smoothie

This bright orange smoothie is made from oranges, carrots, red pepper, peach, and apple. It’s a refreshing and invigorating smoothie, packed with vitamin A. This healthy smoothie is best served chilled and tastes perfect on a hot summer day.

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

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Matcha Green Tea Latte

matcha green tea latte

Delicious Matcha Green Tea Latte can be made with only 3 ingredients! In this recipe, I’ll show you how to make an easy matcha green tea latte – hot or … Read More

Smoothie Bowls – Peaches & Cream

This vegan smoothie bowl replaces the whipped cream with coconut cream, for a richly tasty breakfast that’s surprisingly healthy. Best of all, this easy smoothie bowl can be made with … Read More

Blueberry Smoothie Bowls

These blueberry oatmeal smoothie bowls will make you feel like you’re eating a nice dessert for breakfast, although they are actually made with only nutritious, plant-based ingredients – and no … Read More

Vegan Banana Bread

This is the BEST vegan banana bread – With a great banana flavor & aroma, topped off with a crunchy streusel crust. This easy vegan banana bread will quickly become … Read More

Dalgona Without Instant Coffee (Vegan)

Dalgona coffee without instant coffee in a glass mug.

Wondering how to make dalgona without instant coffee? It’s actually pretty easy to make using a combination of normal coffee and aquafaba, the liquid from canned chickpeas. Read on to … Read More

Vegan Pancakes

Here are all the yummy vegan pancake recipes for you to try out.